Changing the world with Chai

Help us change the world with chai

At Aura Chai we are passionate about our products being real and authentic – and ethically and sustainably produced. But it’s important for us to be real and authentic too. We want to make a positive impact, using our chai to help make the world a better place.

Everything we do is low to no impact – from the fair-trade ingredients we source to our handmade, sweatshop free linen totes and recyclable bags printed with biodegradable vegan ink.

In 2019 we were finally big enough to take this a step further and do what we always set out to do – to share our success and make Aura Chai a source of much-needed income for charities and organisations that do amazing work all over the world.

Our Vision

From Aura Chai founder Rose

Even as a little girl I was a dreamer – an idealist. Some say that’s unrealistic. But I have always held within me the belief that a better world is possible. That there is good in people, and through focusing on that we can fight the bad.

So I still dream now. I dream of a world where nobody has to go hungry, or has no home to live in. I dream of a world without conflict and cruelty. I dream of a world where all children are safe.

Although we don’t live in an ideal world just yet, and maybe we never will, we are so fortunate to have kind, compassionate souls who devote their lives to caring for those who need extra support.

It isn’t enough just to dream. We have to do. So when I created Aura Chai it was with this vision in mind – with the ambition to make money then share it, not pool more than I could ever spend, or focus on making millions just to squander it when people are suffering.

I believe that all companies, big and small, should share what they can with those who are less fortunate. Imagine how much we could achieve if everyone did that. If the big corporations shared what they had fairly, we could end homelessness. We could end poverty. We could make sure no child ever goes hungry.

So that’s what we do. We’re only small right now but as we grow, so does our contribution to making this world a better place for everyone in it. My vision is to be able to share thousands, hundreds of thousands, with those wonderful, compassionate people who change lives and challenge the injustice, inequality and suffering.

In addition to our charity partners we do also send donations to current causes where we can. This year we donated to several campaigns including the George Floyd Memorial Fund, Black Lives Matter, Red Cross Appeal for Lebanon and Australian Bushfires Appeal.


Feel good, do good

We created our authentic blends to nourish body, mind and soul. But our blends don’t just feel good – they do good too. We handpicked these amazing charities to support based on their ethics and diversity. All causes are especially close to our hearts and all organisations have been checked to ensure that they align with our vegan values and give as much as possible to those in need – no hefty pay packets for CEOs or questionable funding sources.

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