As the pace of modern life continually quickens, it has never been more important to slow down. Our unique workshops have been specifically designed to create space for you to rediscover, refresh and unwind body and mind. You can learn more about our workshops below – or click on each to discover further information or make a booking.


What are workshops with Aura Chai all about?

Here at Aura Chai we believe in the power and beauty of nature – which provides an abundance of different herbs, spices, plants, extracts and flowers for us to carefully harvest and enjoy. For thousands of years human beings have harnessed the many nourishing aspects of nature’s offering – using herbal tonics and elixirs to optimise wellness and revitalise body, mind and spirit.

In many cultures consuming tea is part of a ritual – whether that’s a celebration with family and friends, a meditative moment or a auspicious occasion. We feel that tea can offer a mini-ritual, holding a small space in the day for contemplation and calm.

Our workshops are an extension of this philosophy. They combine the principles of Ayurveda, self-care and the holistic benefits of tea, focusing on creating personalised experiences that inspire and inform.

We want to share this with you, so that you can enjoy your own tea rituals at home and harness the power of nature to rebalance and reconnect with body, mind and soul.

What can I expect from an Aura Chai workshop?

Our workshops are designed to be fun, flexible, friendly and informal. It’s a very hands-on experience – especially when we get to the blending stage! Each person receives their very own workbook, packed with information for you to use during the workshop and when you’re at home. The theme of our workshops is nourishment and self-care – but each person is free to set an intention and enjoy the workshop however they like.

We are a vegan, earth friendly company. Because of this all our workshops are plant-based and focused on sustainability. We use recycled, handmade paper, recyclable packaging and biodegradable products. We also source our herbs, spices and plant extracts organically where possible.

How long are Aura Chai workshops?

Each workshop will have a different duration, but most are between two and three hours long. Individual 1-1 sessions and private group sessions may be shorter or longer. If you are unsure please just ask!

Where are Aura Chai workshops held?

Our workshops are held in different locations around the UK. If you would like to book a 1-1 workshop, a private workshop (for friends, baby showers, hen parties etc) or want to arrange a workshop at your wellness space, yoga studio or abroad, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

Click below to learn about each of our workshops and check dates and availability near you.

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