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Deliciously authentic wholesale chai latte for hospitality and retail 

If you wouldn’t serve instant coffee, why serve instant chai latte?

Looking for a fragrant, full-bodied chai to add to your menu? Smooth, spicy and sweet, Aura Chai features real natural ingredients and sustainably sourced, fair-trade tea hand-blended here in the UK. If you’re new to chai latte we’re with you every step of the way to help you to optimise customer experience and maximise profit margins. Give authentic chai a try with us!

Our story

I founded Aura Chai because as a coffee shop lover and chai aficionado, I felt disappointed by the lack of quality chai in artisan, high-end coffee shops. For passionate cafe owners delivering on taste and achieving a positive customer experience are both incredibly important – attention to detail is key. If you spend time and resources carefully creating dishes and finding the best quality coffees from Columbia, Indonesia and Venezuela, why wouldn’t you source a chai latte to match? Aura Chai is easy to make and serve and is comparable financially to syrup and powdered alternatives.

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Our Blends

Based on our aromatic signature spice blend, our chai range features four delicious flavours – Original Masala Chai, cosy Cacao Chai, earthy Turmeric Chai and naturally sweet Vanilla Chai. All our blends are lovingly made with non-GMO, sustainably and fairly sourced ingredients.

Giving Back

We give 10% of our profits to our charity partners (find out more about our charity partners here). We’re proudly sustainable – our bags are fully recyclable, our blends are 100% compostable and we use carbon-compensated shipping worldwide with no plastic packaging.

Wholesale Chai for Retail

Looking for a tasty real chai blend to sell via your e-commerce or in-person store? From boutiques and lifestyle stores to delis and food outlets, we’re proud to work with a selected number of retail partners both online and offline with philosophies that align with our own. If you’re interested in stocking our authentic chai latte blends in a retail capacity please get in touch to request a price list or further information.


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If you’d like to book in a taster or have any questions regarding wholesale and retail partnerships with Aura Chai please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Wholesale Chai Starter Kits

Offering an authentic loose leaf chai blend needn’t be difficult or costly for your business. We’re on hand to help you to introduce a lucrative product to enhance your menu with as little fuss and hassle as possible!

Our retail starter kit includes everything you’ll need to start offering loose leaf chai latte to your customers (no special equipment is necessary, though – you can start with just your milk jug!) Whether you’re a small independent coffee shop or large restaurant, we can supply a tailored package to suit your needs. Our Retail Starter Kit includes:

Specialist Chai Tea Pots – Turkish Coffee Pots are aesthetic and perfect for brewing a tasty chai latte.

Mini Fine Tea Strainers – Enhancing the serving and tasting experience with a fine mesh to perfectly filter the whole spices within Aura Chai, leaving a smooth, leaf-free tea. Available in gold or silver.

Brewing the perfect chai 

Now you’ve got the best quality masala chai blend on board it’s important to know how to brew the perfect latte each and every time. Whenever we start a fresh retail or wholesale relationship we offer a taster session, allowing you to try before you buy but also demonstrating how to brew the perfect Aura Chai latte. There’s no obligation – just the opportunity to try something new!

Making up the perfect chai latte with Aura Chai is quick and easy – with no compromise on taste. For a sneak preview check out our barista training video below.

Wholesale Chai FAQs

If you’re new to chai, or are looking for a new blend, you probably have a lot of questions for us! Take a look at some of our most commonly asked queries below:

Is real chai more expensive than powders and syrups?

The per-cup cost of our wholesale chai is actually comparable with premium powdered blends and concentrates – coming in at around 0.30p per serving.

Do you have a minimum order value for wholesale chai?

Our minimum order value is just 1kg for new customers.

Do you work with larger order quantities?

Yes! If you’re a wholesaler, coffee roaster or independent chain we can cater for larger order requirements (orders over 100kg may be subject to 4-week lead times, as we source and blend everything ourselves). Bulk discounts are also available for large orders over 50kgs.

Can you ship wholesale chai orders overseas?

Yes! We have wholesale chai customers throughout Europe and in the US. Please contact us to order directly, or check us out on Ankorstore, Abound, Creoate and Faire. Please note that the ever-changing Brexit situation is still impacting upon orders to certain territories – feel free to contact us first to find out if your location is currently covered.

Are your chai blends suitable for dietary requirements?

Yes! All our blends are vegan, sugar and gluten free and halal.

Do you offer any other speciality latte blends?

Last year we teamed up with Noetic Health to add matcha and beetroot lattes to our wholesale menu.

Can I white-label your chai blends for wholesale?

Unfortunately we do not offer white-labelling at this time – our blends are carefully crafted to our own unique signature recipe!

Are your wholesale chai blends the same as loose leaf masala chai?

No! Loose leaf tea blends aren’t strong enough to make a latte with. Our blends are specifically designed to be made with milk.

Are your wholesale chai blends sticky?

No, our blends don’t include any honey or syrup and are a dry mix of whole spices and black tea. This gives them an extended shelf-life (with no additives or preservatives) and ensures they can be enjoyed by everyone (including vegan and diabetic customers) as well as fully customisable with your choice of sweetener.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, get in touch with our lovely team and we’ll be happy to help!

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