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Why powdered chai is the new instant coffee

powdered chai latte

Confession: I was soo nervous about writing this post. It’s not in my nature to be ‘mean’ about other people or products. So it was admittedly a stretch for me to write a whole blog on this rather cheeky comparison!

I’ve been mostly focusing my efforts on sharing everything good about what we do – the benefits of our authentic blend and why we’re different. Positive vibes only! Our little company is still relatively new – but one thing we’ve found along the journey is that it can be difficult for those who are new to chai lattes or don’t know much about them to appreciate what constitutes an authentic blend (and what doesn’t). I’ve found the easiest, simplest way for me to explain to discerning coffee connoisseurs is with this coffee-based comparison:

“If you wouldn’t serve instant coffee, why would you serve powdered chai latte?”


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Why sugar free chai?

sugarLots of syrup and powdered chai products already incorporate an amount of sugar or sweetener for convenience – and traditional ‘wet chai’ is blended with honey or a vegan alternative like agave, carob or maple. As someone who avoids sugar and sweetener as much as possible for health reasons I was keen to introduce a more versatile, flexible chai blend for anyone like me who needs or to enjoy their drinks with a choice to have them with or without sugar – and to decide which kind of sweetener they add. Continue reading Why sugar free chai?

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Why healthy chai?

I believe that all successful brands are driven by a very personal passion – so I’ll start this blog with a frank confession. Food and I were not always friends. I grew up never thinking about my relationship with food. As a child I was only concerned with when my next meal would be, and whether it would feature chips or chocolate! But as I entered my teens I became more aware of my body. Bullies latched on to my larger size – and their words hit me like a two-tonne truck. Suddenly, I wasn’t so sure about food. I decided that it was ruining my life.

That’s when I developed Anorexia and eventually ended up seriously ill in hospital. The experience shaped my relationship with food for the next six years, until I made a wonderful discovery that changed my perspective forever!

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Which chai tea is the best?

best chai

Well…this is awkward. Of course when we’re asked this question the answer’s pretty simple for us – we love our Aura Chai blend! But in the interests of impartiality we thought we’d better offer up a little more detailed response – and as we were seasoned chai lovers long before we created our Aura Chai blend we feel we know what makes a good cup of chai. Continue reading Which chai tea is the best?

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Are chai lattes healthy?

healthy chai

These days it feels as though whenever we read a magazine or scroll through Instagram we’re faced with an onslaught of warnings and nutritional advice that often confuses rather than clears things up for us. Instead of just enjoying our food, often we find ourselves asking ‘is this healthy?!’ before we dig in. If you love chai but are conscious about making healthy choices and optimising the nutritional content of foods you enjoy every day, don’t worry – the answer to the question ‘are chai lattes healthy?’ is most certainly yes! Here we explain why – and how you can maximise the health benefits of your daily cup of chai for an even tastier and more satisfying mid-morning treat.

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What types of milk are best for chai?


milkWhether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant or just plain curious, there are now lots of delicious alternatives to cow’s milk on the market. The taste and texture of a chai latte can be massively influenced by the type of milk you choose to accompany the spice – so here we offer a run down of some of our favourite types and explain which to choose for a creamy, dreamy chai.

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