Rustic Stoneware Cup


Rustic and earthy, our stoneware chai latte cups are the perfect accompaniment to your favourite Aura Chai blend – or any tea, latte or coffee for that matter! Durable, handmade and hard-wearing, you can expect to enjoy our cups for years to come.

*Handmade in the UK ??

*Chip resistant ?

*Microwave and dishwasher safe ?

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Sip your favourite chai blend from our authentic stoneware cup

For lovers of all things traditional and rustic, our authentic stoneware cup is a must-have! Featuring a tactile ridged design these cups are handmade using traditional stoneware techniques, revealing the earthy terracotta beneath. These cups are perfect for chai because they are similar to the rough pot cups our ancestors would have sipped from hundreds of years ago! This stoneware cup design features a handle for easy holding.

How to care for your stoneware chai cup

Caring for your stoneware cup is simple. These cups may look delicate given the traditional technique used to make them but these cups are processed using modern firing to ensure they are incredibly hard-wearing and chip resistant. They are also microwave and dishwasher safe!

Product information

Dimensions: N/A

Capacity: 250ml

Colour: Stone/terracotta