Rose Latte Gift Set


Make your very own rose latte at home with this gorgeous Rose Latte Gift set! Featuring pure, natural Lebanese rose elixir and rose petal garnish ūüĆĻ‚ú®

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Create a delicious, mouth-wateringly fragrant Rose Latte at home with our lovely Rose Latte Gift Set.

Beautifully packaged with a recycled Kraft box and lace ribbon, inside you’ll find 50ml of our Rose Latte Elixir and a garnish of rose petals. Simply pour 10-15ml of Rose Elixir into your milk as you make up a latte or chai latte for an aromatic and healthy treat. Add natural pink or red food colouring to complete the look!

A perfect gift for coffee lovers, foodies and rose fans.

Pure, natural rose water

Our Rose Latte Gift Set features our exclusive Rose Latte Elixir. It is specially sourced from Lebanon, where it has been made for hundreds of years. Naturally sweet and beautifully fragrant, the rose water comes from big, bouncy blooms grown at the foothills of Mount Sannine. It is obtained through a natural distillation process – so no artificial flavours or preservatives are added.

As always our Rose Latte Elixir is vegan, natural and free from sugar.

What are the benefits of rose latte?

In the Middle East rose water has been used for thousands of years as a beauty product and as a flavouring. It’s in desserts, sweet treats and rose cordial, which is hugely popular especially in Lebanon.

True rose water which is organically grown and traditionally harvested and processed has an incredible scent and flavour.

Rose latte recipe

Our Rose Latte Gift Set includes everything you’ll need to make up a tasty rose latte in no time.

For coffee:

1/ Add an espresso shot to your glass or cup

2/ Pour your milk into a jug and texture until frothy or warm on the hob

3/ Add a tablespoon (around 10-15ml) of Rose Latte Elixir to the milk and stir well

4/ Pour the milk over the coffee and sprinkle with rose petals

For chai latte:

1/ Make up an infusion with Aura Chai as usual

2/ Pour over the milk and warm together on the hob or using a coffee machine steamer

3/ Add a tablespoon of Rose Latte Elixir and stir well

4/ Strain into a cup or glass, and garnish with rose petals


Also lovely in green tea, matcha latte, cocktails and desserts!


Allergen Information: Not suitable for people with a gluten, nut, peanut or sesame allergy.

Ingredients: Pure Lebanese Rose Water.

Nutritional Information Per 100g

Energy value                                                      (0kJ, 0Kcals)

Fat                                                                         (0g)

of which saturates                                           (0g)

mono-unsaturates                       (0g)

polunsaturates                              (0g)

Carbohydrate                                                 (0g)

of which sugars                                              (0g)

polyols                                             (0g)

starch                                              (0g)

Salt                                                                   (0g)

Fibre                                                                (0g)

Protein                                                            (0g)