Rose Latte Elixir


Rose latte elixir made with organic natural rose petals from the foot of Mount Sannine in Lebanon ūüĆĻ Enjoy a delicious, delicately flavoured rose latte at home.



Enjoy a beautifully scented, delicately fragrant rose latte anywhere, anytime with our gorgeous rose latte elixir. We carefully source our organic rose water from Lebanon, where it has been made with love for generations. Rich soil and beautiful sunshine grow the gorgeous roses used to make this precious rose water. It is distilled in the traditional way, carefully extracted using a simple steam method. The use of these time-honoured methods ensures no chemicals or preservatives make their way into our rose latte elixir!

Our Rose Elixir is naturally sweet and incredibly fragrant – with no artificial flavours or sugars added. As well as tea and coffee it can also be used as a flavouring for desserts, cakes and even cocktails.

You can purchase this litre bottle on its own, but it is designed to be used as a refill for our Rose Latte Kits for keen home baristas, cafes and coffee shops. We recommend this as it’s a great starting point! We’re an earth friendly company so we supply our elixir in glass bottles – please reuse or recycle them after use ūüíē

How to make a rose latte 

Making up a rose latte is simple! Here are a few quick and easy steps to follow.

1/ Make up a shot of espresso, using a coffee machine or cafetière. You can make up more coffee at once if you are making multiple rose lattes!

2/ Add a little maple syrup or date syrup to taste

3/ Pour in a tablespoon of Aura Chai Rose Latte Elixir per cup

4/ Top up with frothy, textured milk and top with rose petals if desired


If you would like to make a rose chai latte you can use our lovely gift set with both of our chai latte blends.


Benefits of rose latte

Rose water has been coveted in the Middle East for thousands of years. It’s a well-known ingredient in beauty products and perfumes, but it also widely used in elixirs and desserts to impart a beautifully fragrant, floral flavour.

Key features

  • Use for desserts, cocktails and as a flavouring for chai latte, tea or coffee
  • Supplied in reusable, recyclable bottles
  • Contains around 70 servings


Allergen Information: Not suitable for people with a gluten, nut, peanut or sesame allergy.

Ingredients: Pure Lebanese Rose Water.

Nutritional Information Per 100g

Energy value                                                      (0kJ, 0Kcals)

Fat                                                                         (0g)

of which saturates                                           (0g)

mono-unsaturates                       (0g)

polunsaturates                              (0g)

Carbohydrate                                                 (0g)

of which sugars                                              (0g)

polyols                                             (0g)

starch                                              (0g)

Salt                                                                   (0g)

Fibre                                                                (0g)

Protein                                                            (0g)