Moringa Latte


This delicious Ayurvedic latte features wildcrafted non-GMO Moringa for a healthy caffeine-free dose of antioxidants and amino acids.



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Lovingly handmade by Noetic Health, our Moringa Latte allows you to easily incorporate this ancient renowned Ayurvedic herb into your everyday routine in a delicious and enjoyable way. Packed with all the essential amino acids and praised by the scriptures for its endless benefits, Moringa was traditionally used for fitness, muscles gains, stamina and its high nutritional value.

Protects skin and nourishes hair ✨

Provides antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects ?

This ancient ayurvedic herb is also known for its extremely high protein content as well as containing 18 out of 20 amino acids and all of the essential amino acids.

Suggested serving:

Add 1 tsp of our latte blend into your favourite cup, add your hot milk of choice and then give a good stir. (For best results use a milk frother).

Ingredients: Non-GMO, wildcrafted Moringa powder

Allergy statement: Packaged and stored in an environment that may contain common allergens.