Golden Bodhi Leaf Strainer


This delicate and unique golden leaf tea strainer filters chai and loose leaf teas perfectly. Gift wrapped in recycled Kraft paper envelope.

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Serve up your chai latte or favourite loose leaf tea in style with this gorgeous golden leaf tea strainer. The intricate nature-inspired patterns filter perfectly for a smooth, debris-free brew. The leaf’s special silhouette resembles a Bodhi leaf. The sacred Bodhi tree (also known as the Peepal or Arasa Maram tree in Tamil) is the fig tree that Buddha is said to have sat beneath as he attained enlightenment. Its beautiful heart-shaped leaves represent life energy and love. Taking tea is often thought of as a ritual and sacred activity in many cultures. We believe that a special tea deserves extra-special accessories.

Delicate, intricate, make teatime a truly beautiful and soulful experience.

Strainer comes gift wrapped in stamped recycled Kraft paper envelope.

Care instructions: 

Made from stainless steel. Not suitable for dishwasher. Clean carefully with a mild detergent and warm water. Delicate – handle with care.