Chai Pot – Baby Blue


An essential for chai lovers everywhere – our enamelware chai pot in Baby Blue 🍼

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A must-have for serious chai lovers and the perfect way to brew a delicious traditional, stovetop chai – in our lovely enamelware chai pot. Lovingly made in the traditional way, our chai pot can be used on gas hobs, induction stoves and Agas.

Baby Blue Chai Pot from Aura Chai

With a capacity of 400ml, our chai pot is perfect for two smaller servings of 200ml, or one large personal serving. Our chai pot can be used with any of our chai blends.

*Retro-style enamelware

*Hand enamelled

*Dishwasher and oven safe

*Long-lasting, chip-resistant smooth surface

*Suitable for use on a daily basis

*Suitable for all types of stovetops and hobs

How to use your chai pot 

1/ Traditional stovetop method: To brew your chai in the traditional way, add 1 heaped tablespoon of chai blend to your chai pot and add your favourite sweetener (we like agave, maple syrup, raw sugar or coconut sugar). Add 100ml of milk and top up with your favourite milk (we prefer good quality plant-based milks like soy and oat, but if using cow’s milk opt for creamier whole milk). Then place on the stove on a medium to low heat. The chai will start to simmer – make sure it doesn’t burn on the bottom of the chai pot by stirring every so often. The longer you brew, the stronger your chai will be – so the length of time will depend on your personal preference. Traditional stovetop chai tends to be stronger than chai made with the infusion method – so you might like to experiment to see which method is your favourite.

2/ You can also use your chai pot fo the infusion method! Simply add 1 heaped tablespoon of chai to a chai pot with your favourite sweetener. Top up with 100ml hot water and then either add hot, frothy milk from a coffee machine or frother, or add hot milk and use an electric whisk to make it extra creamy.

Once chai is brewed, use one of our specially made, fine mesh chai strainers to serve.

You can also use your chai pot for freshly brewed stovetop coffee or Turkish coffee – or even as a vase for fresh flowers! Our chai pots also look fabulous hung up in the kitchen or as a decorative item.

Chai pot is also available in Baby Blue and Pale Green. Build your own gift set – simply purchase a chai pot, your favourite chai blend and your choice of strainer!

Chai as a ritual – why we love our chai pot

We love our chai pots because they are a key part of the chai-making ritual. Enjoying chai truly is an intimation to slow down and savour the moment. Each pour, the scents and sounds and the colours of the spices, are engaging us in the present moment. Lots of our lovely customers say that drinking chai is a daily ritual for them – and we totally agree! Gifting someone you love (or yourself) a chai kit or chai pot is a wonderful way to invest in self-care and slow down.

Please note: Our enamelware chai pots are handmade in a traditional way meaning there may be a rustic element to them and some edges may be slightly rough. They are each unique and perfectly imperfect! Our chai pot is suitable for induction hobs, but some modern induction hobs which operate on a weighted basis. If you’re having trouble using your chai pot on an induction hob, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!