Chai Latte Subscription Service


Chai latte lovers rejoice! You can now sign up to our Aura Chai latte subscription service, so you’ll never run out of your favourite chai blend ever again.

In response to popular demand we have set up an extra special chai latte subscription service, so you or your loved one can receive authentic, artisan whole spice chai delivered door to door each month. Simply choose your favourite blend and set the subscription time to suit you!

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Love chai latte? You’ll love our subscription service!

Delicious, authentic whole spice chai latte – delivered to your door. Fed up of constantly ordering your favourite chai latte? Keep forgetting you’ve run out, only to reach for the bag and find it’s all gone? We feel your pain! In response to popular demand we have set up a chai latte subscription service. Within a few clicks you can make sure you’re always covered with a plentiful supply of chai – or send the gift of gorgeous chai to your favourite friend. Our blends are truly unique, lovingly mixed by hand using premium whole ingredients and fair-trade, Rainforest Alliance certified tea.

Simple, speedy and sustainable. Aura Chai latte subscription services are fully flexible – so you can choose to sign up for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or even longer if you like. We’ll send the chai automatically each month so you can sit back, relax and never have to worry about running out ever again!

You’ll also save when you pay upfront – so your daily chai latte fix will cost you less in the long run, too! Shipping is also worked into the overall price – so once you pay the one-off fee you won’t need to pay anything extra!

They say variety is the spice of life – so for gifts or for those of you who are a little adventurous we have a variety subscription. Each month you’ll receive one of our special chai blends – original, turmeric or chocolate.

Chai latte subscription gifts

Our chai latte subscriptions make perfect gifts. Surprise the chai latte lover in your life with something truly unique and a gift they can enjoy each and every day. Simply choose the ‘gift’ option and add a note at the checkout stage and we’ll include a hand-written message for you along with the first order.

Why Aura Chai?

Our blends are made with love – using ethically sourced spices and fair-trade black tea. We take chai latte right back to its roots, ensuring a fuller, deeper, more delicious flavour. Leave powders and syrups behind and discover a real, authentic chai packed with whole, natural spices. Learn more about what we do and why here. 

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