Aura Chai Latte Gift Card


Flexible. Affordable. Our lovely little gift cards are the perfect way to surprise your favourite people!



Can’t decide what you want to buy? Want to make sure your fabulous friend or loved one has the freedom and flexibility to choose what they like? Our chai latte gift card has got you covered! Choose between £10, £15 and £25.

Whether you have a foodie friend or a family member who’s obsessed with chai latte, these gift cards are ideal for:

~ Saying ‘thank you’

~ Sending get well soon wishes

~ Anniversary gifts

~ Eid presents

~ Christmas presents

~ Diwali celebrations

~ Birthdays


Suitable for all budgets – give your friend or family member an unusual and thoughtful gift 💕


Be earth-friendly and choose an e-gift card

At Aura Chai protecting our lovely planet is very important to us. That’s why all our bags are recyclable and our blends are 100% biodegradable. We are also almost zero waste and plastic-free. That’s why we’re giving you the option to choose an e-gift card. When you order a gift card from Aura Chai, we’ll send you an e-version by default. If you’d like a printed postcard to send to your recipient directly please let us know when you check out 🙂

So what’s an e-gift card?

An e-gift card comes to you (or your recipient) via email. It doesn’t use any paper, so it’s good for the environment! Once it lands in your friend’s inbox they can then use the code inside. To use it all they have to do is enter the code at check-out on our website.

What can I buy with my Aura Chai gift card?

Whatever you want as long as it’s on our site! Choose from:

~ One of our lovely authentic chai latte blends

~ Some of our beautiful unique chai latte accessories

~ A pretty gift set featuring everything they’ll need for a perfect cup of delicious chai latte




Aura Chai

We first tasted chai latte when we were living in Aussie foodie capital Melbourne, where coffee shop culture is everything. Each café bar sold fresh, often homemade chai lattes and I came to love them. When we moved back to Manchester we naturally started to crave my weekly cup of warming, comforting, spicy chai – especially during winter months and on rainy days!

Six months after moving back to Manchester we decided to try and develop our own recipe so that we could have a ‘proper’ chai latte at home – and share it with other chai lovers, too. After a few attempts and lots of tasting sessions (most necessary, some just for fun!) we created and perfected our unique, top secret blend – and set out to share it with some of our favourite establishments in and around Manchester.

Authenticity is so important to us – we wanted to bring chai latte right back to its roots and offer proper tasty chai to enjoy at home and for discerning coffee shops to serve to customers.  We think it’s one of the tastiest chai blends available – and we hope you do, too!


Why are we different?

Our original Ayurvedic blends are made with whole spices, lovingly blended by hand using the finest ingredients, carefully sourced from organic and fair-trade suppliers. It is an authentic, truly delicious chai recipe – full of flavour to uplift and refresh the spirit.


Healthy, tasty, wholesome 🍏

Better customer experience 😊

Locally made with love and organic, fair-trade ingredients 💕

Cost-effective 💸

Easy to use 💡

A long, satisfying drink ☕

Instagrammable – markets itself ✨

Versatile – can be mixed with coffee or ice 👅

Whole chai, pure spices, full flavour 👑

When you invest in high grade, delicious, quality coffee – why wouldn’t you have a chai to match?

Gluten free, sugar free, vegan.

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