Chai Latte Gift Set


Our best-selling chai gift set comes with everything you need to make a delicious, creamy, dreamy chai latte at home! Includes a sample of our authentic chai latte blend, fine mesh strainer and your choice of chai tea pot.



Chai Latte Gift Set

Love chai latte? Treat yourself or a fellow foodie to our best-selling chai latte gift set. We’ve popped in a chai teapot, strainer and 20g sample of our original Aura Chai Latte Blend or Cacao Chai Latte Blend. You can also choose between a slick black enamelware teapot or traditional copper teapot with ornate gold handle. Our new-look gift set is beautifully presented in a lovely eco-friendly linen tote bag.

The perfect place to start

This gift set doubles up as a ‘starter kit’, because it includes everything you’ll need to make a delicious authentic chai latte at home! You can use your teapot with a coffee machine to froth, or on the hob to warm through milk. Then you can strain using the special fine strainer included for a smooth, debris-free brew. The sample provides enough chai for around two servings – so when you’re done you can simply use the code supplied for 10% off your first full-size bag! If you need help getting started you’ll find guidelines on making the perfect chai latte at home here. 

Enjoy an authentic, delicious chai latte at home

Our chai latte blend isn’t a powder, syrup or concentrate. It’s a whole spice, authentic mix made to our own unique traditional recipe. We use quality spices in their purest form and ‘little leaf’ fair-trade black tea for delicious aromatic flavour – but also to harness the wonderful health benefits of each ingredient. Our chocolate chai latte blend is made with raw, organic Peruvian cacao.

The benefits of copper teapots

Copper vessels have had a special place in rituals of Ayurveda for many years. Elders say that copper infuses its benefits into whatever is placed within it. These benefits can include high amounts of minerals, antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Please note: Our copper chai tea pots are handmade in Turkey and tin-lined for protection and longevity. As they are hand-made each one is unique and small ‘imperfections’ may be present – we like to think these add charm and character! However this means they can water mark easily, so please take care when washing and use mild detergent and as little water as possible when cleaning.

Additional information

Potty About Chai Gift Set

Chocolate Chai Latte Blend/Black Enamel Teapot, Chocolate Chai Latte Blend/Copper Teapot, Original Chai Latte Blend/Black Enamel Teapot, Original Chai Latte Blend/Copper Teapot