Brown Sugar Stirrers


Buying our chai as a gift, or want the perfect accompaniment for your authentic chai? Our raw brown sugar stirrers are the perfect choice! Made from crystallised brown sugar, they can be stirred into your chai as it brews on the stovetop, or directly in your cup to add sweetness. Pack of 3, wrapped in biodegradable packaging and presented in an organic burlap bag.

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Sweeten your chai quickly and easily with our brown sugar stirrers!

Made from sustainable wood and raw brown sugar, our brown sugar stirrers are the latest addition to our chai accessories collection. We chose their sparkly, spiky design because they look gorgeous and get the job done! Our brown sugar stirrers are the perfect addition to your chai purchase – or to a gift along with our sets or our gorgeous collection of chai cups.

We don’t put sugar in our chai blends – so they’re completely free of any sugar, sweeteners or artificial, nasty ingredients. That means you’re free to sweeten them to taste with whichever medium you choose!

Why brown sugar?

Raw, unrefined sugar is better for you than refined white sugar, and is closest to jaggery, the completely unrefined, raw sugar chai was traditionally sweetened with. So, you can be sure to extend your authentic chai experience with us with our brown sugar stirrers. Like glittery gems, these gorgeous stirrers look as good as they taste!

How do I use my brown sugar stirrers?

Our brown sugar stirrers are really easy to use – and you can enjoy them in a variety of ways, too!

1/ Use during the stovetop chai brewing method. As your chai is brewing on the stovetop, use one of our brown sugar stirrers to stir until completely dissolved, or sweetened to taste.

2/ Use to sweeten your chai (or any tea or coffee!) directly in the cup. Once you’ve brewed your chai in your preferred way, you can then stir the individual cups using your brown sugar stirrer and sweeten to taste.

3/ Use to sweeten iced chai. Once your iced chai is ready, simply stir using your brown sugar stirrer to add sweetness.

Ingredients and allergy statement

Ingredients – pure brown crystallised sugar. Packaged and handled in an environment that may contain common allergens. Not suitable for allergy sufferers.

Eco Credentials 🌿

Responsibly sourced sugar on sustainable wooden sticks – packaged in biodegradable cellophane (necessary for hygiene) in an organic cotton burlap bag.

What’s included?

Three raw brown sugar stirrers presented in biodegradable packaging (compostable, simply dispose with food waste). Wooden sticks are also compostable. Presented in organic cotton burlap bag.