Bamboo Straws


Earth-friendly, reusable bamboo straws grown and handmade by our friends in Kallingga, Indonesia. Make the switch today!

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Single-use plastics, in particular plastic straws, are incredibly harmful to the environment and the wildlife we share our earth with. Fortunately we are all becoming increasingly aware of the impact of drinking straws, and many of us are making the switch to sustainable alternatives!

Here at Aura Chai we pride ourselves on running an earth-friendly company. We’re passionate about protecting the environment! When one of our long-time friends told us they were handcrafting bamboo straws in their native Indonesia, we jumped at the chance to sell them on our website.

We’re proud to sell Kallingga Bamboo Straws – sustainably made and sourced using locally farmed bamboo.

About Kallingga Straw

Founded by our friend Ninik Muhadi, Kallingga Straw is named after the village it was founded in. Their straws are grown, harvested and processed locally by villagers. We love this company because we know that the bamboo used is sustainably grown and ethically produced. Our direct connection with Ninik, as we get lots of updates and learn all about the process involved in making these lovely bamboo straws.

Kallingga is situated in dense, lush jungle in central Indonesia. The climate is warm and wet – ideal conditions for growing many different kinds of delicious produce. This beautifully unspoilt area is home to many small villages, where paddy fields, vegetable and fruit farms are abundant. Nini is native to Kallingga – and has lived there all her life. She knows and loves the area well, and hopes to bring more jobs and funding with her business whilst also saving the planet.

If you would like to see Kallingga Bamboo Straws on a wholesale basis please get in touch and we will be happy to put you in touch with Nini and the team to discuss import, distribution and pricing.

Our bamboo straws are available in various pack sizes:

  • Boxes of 12 – ideal for businesses and families – £12 each
  • Packs of 3 – perfect for personal use and couples – £3 each
  • Single straws – for use on the go! – £1.50 each

We love these fabulous bamboo straws to sip iced chai latte, coffee or teas. They’re also great with cocktails!

Why are bamboo straws so amazing?

  • Our straws are all natural – made simply from bamboo
  • No negative impact on the environment
  • Easy to clean
  • Reusable
  • Ethically produced without chemicals or plastics
  • Unlike paper straws bamboo straws offer a much more enjoyable drinking experience – as they won’t go soggy at both ends!

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Bamboo Straws

Bamboo Straw – Single, Bamboo Straws – Pack of 12, Bamboo Straws – Pack of 3