Authentic Whole Spice Golden Milk – 250g


Whole Spice Golden Milk – 250g Feed the soul and awaken the senses with our earthy, spicy Whole Spice Golden Milk blend. Made using premium whole spices and plenty of organic, high-grade Turmeric. Vegan, Ayurvedic, authentic – made without sugar for you to sweeten at home. Naturally caffeine-free and packed with golden goodness! ✨ 150g – also available in 250g and 1kg. 

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Authentic, Ayurvedic Whole Spice Golden Milk

Whole Spice Golden Milk – 250g

Warming, spicy and earthy – we’ve taken our original chai blend and infused it with generous helpings of golden Turmeric for a healthy, wholesome treat.

Soothe the senses and settle down with a cosy cup of Golden Milk – the ideal antidote for a cold, rainy day!

Made with love as always – featuring ethically sourced, fair-trade spices. Like our cacao blend our Golden Milk doesn’t contain tea, so it’s caffeine-free.

How to make a delicious Golden Milk

We think our Golden Milk blend tastes best with a creamy, plant based mylk. Using a creamy milk creates a beautiful balance with the strong spices. We also recommend plant based for the added health benefits each mylk brings. Try barista blends of oat, soy and macadamia. Our blends are unsweetened to maximise health and flexibility. We recommend using maple syrup, jaggery, coconut or date syrup, Agave or honey to sweeten.

To make up a delicious cup of Golden Milk, simply:

1/ Add 1 level tablespoon of our turmeric latte blend to 250ml mylk (preferably plant based)

2/ Add sweetener if desired (use natural, unrefined sweeteners where possible)

3/ Heat the mylk until small bubbles form on the surface. Simmer until thick, creamy and yellow. Don’t boil.

4/ Strain and serve in your favourite mug!

Why Turmeric?

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years across cultures as a herbal supplement. Traditionally it was often combined with honey or juice as an uplifting elixir. Chosen for its high curcumin content, we only use high-grade organic Turmeric in our blend.

At Aura Chai we love Turmeric for its bold flavour and bright, sunny yellow colour. That’s why Turmeric Chai is also called  ‘Golden Chai Latte’ in certain circles! It enhances and complements our original chai blend beautifully – and we’re super excited to share this blend with you ✨

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Ingredients: Ground turmeric* (*certified organic), whole black peppercorns, whole pink peppercorns, green cardamom pods, star anise, ginger powder, cloves, cinnamon bark, fennel seeds, nutmeg.

Nutritional Information Per 100g

Energy value, (kJ, 312Kcals), Fat (3.3g), of which saturates, (1.8g) mono-unsaturates, (in g) polyunsaturates, (in g) Carbohydrate, (67.1g) of which sugars,  (3.2g) polyols, (0g) starch,  (0g) Salt, (>0g) Fibre, (22.7g) Protein, (9.7g)

Allergen Information: Not suitable for people with a gluten, nut, peanut or sesame allergy.


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