Aura Chai Cacao Chai Latte Blend – 150g


Aura Chai Cacao Chai Latte Blend – 150g. A warming, spicy hot chocolate blend ideal for snuggling down with on cold winter nights. Made with raw organic Peruvian cacao for a supercharged brew. 150g – also available in 250g, 500g and 1kg.

Vegan 🍃 Gluten Free 🌟 Refined Sugar Free 🍯 Natural, pure spice 🌺 Raw organic cacao 💖

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Aura Chai Cacao Chai Latte Blend – 150g. Dive into a warming, comforting cup of aromatic, spiced hot cacao chai – a rich, chocolatey combination of our original chai latte blend and raw, organic cacao.

Chocolate and spice have always been a match made in heaven – and now you can enjoy your favourite chai latte with the earthy sweetness of pure cacao!

This authentic Ayurvedic blend is a soothing, calming elixir to gently reenergise and rejuvenate. We use organic, sustainably farmed Peruvian cacao – raw and unroasted.

Brewing guidelines:

For best results add 1 dessertspoon of Aura Chai Cacao blend to a chai tea pot or milk pan and add around 50-60ml hot water just off the boil. Add agave nectar, maple syrup or coconut sugar to taste. Leave to infuse for a minute then top up with 200ml milk – preferably a creamy plant-based alternative. Simmer until small bubbles form on top. Discover different ways to sweeten your chocolate chai latte here on the blog!

Our chocolate chai latte blend is also perfect for iced chocolate. Just pour the infusion over ice and top up with cold milk for a summery treat.


Ingredients: Raw cacao powder*, whole black peppercorns, whole pink peppercorns, green cardamom pods, star anise, ginger powder, cloves, cinnamon bark, fennel seeds, nutmeg. *certified organic

Nutritional Information Per 100g

Energy value (kJ, 342Kcals) Fat (16g) of which saturates, (11g) mono-unsaturates, (4g) polunsaturates                              (1g) Carbohydrate, (55g) of which sugars (3.2g) polyols (0g) starch,  (0g) Salt (0.1g) Fibre, (33.2g) Protein, (19.6g)

Allergy information:

All Aura Chai products are ethically produced and vegan friendly. We are also completely sugar free – so we don’t use artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Our recipe is gluten free, but we unfortunately cannot guarantee that our products are free from allergens as they are produced in an environment containing sesame, milk, eggs, nuts, soy and gluten.

We are an earth friendly company! Please recycle our bags and compost our chai mix after use.

Also available in sample size in our unique gift sets.

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Aura Chai

We first tasted chai latte when we were living in Aussie foodie capital Melbourne, where coffee shop culture is everything. Each café bar sold fresh, often homemade chai lattes and I came to love them. When we moved back to Manchester we naturally started to crave my weekly cup of warming, comforting, spicy chai – especially during winter months and on rainy days!

Six months after moving back to Manchester we decided to try and develop our own recipe so that we could have a ‘proper’ chai latte at home – and share it with other chai lovers, too. After a few attempts and lots of tasting sessions (most necessary, some just for fun!) we created and perfected our unique, top secret blend – and set out to share it with some of our favourite establishments in and around Manchester.

Authenticity is so important to us – we wanted to bring chai latte right back to its roots and offer proper tasty chai to enjoy at home and for discerning coffee shops to serve to customers.  We think it’s one of the tastiest chai blends available – and we hope you do, too!


Why are we different?

Our original Ayurvedic blends are made with whole spices, lovingly blended by hand using the finest ingredients, carefully sourced from organic and fair-trade suppliers. It is an authentic, truly delicious chai recipe – full of flavour to uplift and refresh the spirit.


Healthy, tasty, wholesome 🍏

Better customer experience 😊

Locally made with love and organic, fair-trade ingredients 💕

Cost-effective 💸

Easy to use 💡

A long, satisfying drink ☕

Instagrammable – markets itself ✨

Versatile – can be mixed with coffee or ice 👅

Whole chai, pure spices, full flavour 👑

When you invest in high grade, delicious, quality coffee – why wouldn’t you have a chai to match?

Gluten free, sugar free, vegan.

Additional information

Original Chai Latte Sizes

150g, 250g, 500g, 1kg

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