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Chai Latte Accessories

At Aura Chai we believe that our special chai latte blends deserve extra special accessories. That’s why we’ve carefully curated our small collection of chai latte essentials. Many of these products are versatile, so they can also be used with your other favourite loose leaf teas.

Whether you would like to enjoy a fully authentic chai latte experience or just want to treat yourself, we hope you’ll love our collection.

We source our items from suppliers all over the world for a truly eclectic feel. We’re sure you’ll discover lovely items here that you won’t find anywhere else!


Our selection includes unique and unusual items that are perfect as gifts. The spoons and strainers can also be found in our lovely gift sets if you are looking for something special.

Our products are seasonal and change occasionally. In this section you’ll find teacups, spoons, mugs, chai teapots and tea strainers.