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How to Make Diabetic-friendly Chai Latte

diabetic-friendly chai latte

Living life without sugar ain’t always easy. It’s difficult enough when you’re skipping the sweet stuff for health reasons by choice – but when you’ve got diabetes there’s no compromise.

Aura Chai founder Rose isn’t diabetic, but both her grandparents on one side had Type 2 Diabetes. She avoids sugar for health reasons, opting for unrefined and low GI alternatives. “I was really keen to make sure our chai latte blends could be enjoyed by everyone. That’s why I made them without sugar or sweeteners. This way people can add their own – whatever they like, and however much they like!”

If you’re a chai latte lover you might feel as though you often have to miss out on your favourite treat. But what if you could enjoy a delicious, spicy, diabetic-friendly chai latte at home? Read on to find out more!

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Chai Latte for Coffee Shops, Cafes and Restaurants

chai latte for coffee shops

Chai latte is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK. We are a proudly diverse nation of foodies – with a plethora of yummy cuisines from all over the world adopted as national favourites.

Increased demand is encouraging coffee shops and restaurants to add chai latte – also known as spiced chai latte, masala chai latte and ‘chai tea latte’ – (incorrectly, more on that later) – to their menus. But sadly the trend has started off with a market dominated by watered-down imitations of the real deal – which have actually put many people off this delicious, wholesome (and profitable) beverage.

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Chai and Ayurveda


At Aura Chai we’re true chai lovers – and we’re passionate about chai latte. We’re dedicated to introducing our authentic, delicious chai blend to as many people and places as possible! Although chai latte is now a trendy ‘not coffee’ beverage emerging on menus all over the world, it has noble origins as an Ayurvedic healing tonic. It’s not the overly sweet, powdered version many have become accustomed to. It’s actually a complex blend of healing spices and tea muddled with warm, comforting milk designed to balance and nourish the body. Here we share some of the proven health benefits of chai latte and its rich heritage steeped in the culture of India and Ayurvedic medicine. Continue reading Chai and Ayurveda

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Why powdered chai is the new instant coffee

powdered chai latte

Confession: I was soo nervous about writing this post. It’s not in my nature to be ‘mean’ about other people or products. So it was admittedly a stretch for me to write a whole blog on this rather cheeky comparison!

I’ve been mostly focusing my efforts on sharing everything good about what we do – the benefits of our authentic blend and why we’re different. Positive vibes only! Our little company is still relatively new – but one thing we’ve found along the journey is that it can be difficult for those who are new to chai lattes or don’t know much about them to appreciate what constitutes an authentic blend (and what doesn’t). I’ve found the easiest, simplest way for me to explain to discerning coffee connoisseurs is with this coffee-based comparison:

“If you wouldn’t serve instant coffee, why would you serve powdered chai latte?”


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Why sugar free chai?

sugarLots of syrup and powdered chai products already incorporate an amount of sugar or sweetener for convenience – and traditional ‘wet chai’ is blended with honey or a vegan alternative like agave, carob or maple. As someone who avoids sugar and sweetener as much as possible for health reasons I was keen to introduce a more versatile, flexible chai blend for anyone like me who needs or to enjoy their drinks with a choice to have them with or without sugar – and to decide which kind of sweetener they add. Continue reading Why sugar free chai?

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Which chai tea is the best?

best chai

Well…this is awkward. Of course when we’re asked this question the answer’s pretty simple for us – we love our Aura Chai blend! But in the interests of impartiality we thought we’d better offer up a little more detailed response – and as we were seasoned chai lovers long before we created our Aura Chai blend we feel we know what makes a good cup of chai. Continue reading Which chai tea is the best?

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Why loose leaf chai?

loose leaf chai

Okay, okay…we know we’re biased. But only because we truly believe that chai is best enjoyed when it’s loose leaf, whole spice and full of flavour! It’s not just us, either…although powders and syrups prevail in the age of convenience, there’s plenty of evidence that proves an authentic, loose leaf chai blend is the way to go for true chai lovers and fans of flavour.

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