chai latte gifts

5 awesome chai latte gifts for chai latte lovers

Confession: we love Christmas here at Aura Chai. Specifically the fun involved in finding extra-special gifts for everyone we care ...
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What are the health benefits of green cardamom?

Gorgeous green cardamom is one of Aura Chai’s star ingredients. Aromatic, fragrant – it’s also super healthy! ...
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cinnamon rolls

Chai-Spiced Cinnamon Rolls

Anything chai-spiced gets us going here at Aura Chai… but I am particularly excited to post this recipe!! I am ...
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Vegan Chocolate Chai Blondies

The leaves are turning brown…there’s a nip in the air…the nights are drawing in. Winter is on its way! Although ...
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cup north

Aura Chai At Cup North/Manchester Coffee Festival 2018

Hey guys! Today we have some very exciting news! This November we will be exhibiting for the very first time ...
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vanilla chai cupcakes

Vegan Vanilla Chai Cupcakes

As I’m writing this the weather has taken a slightly gloomy turn and little grey clouds are drifting past my ...
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Chai Latte and Ayurveda

At Aura Chai we’re true chai lovers – and we’re passionate about chai latte. We’re dedicated to introducing our authentic, ...
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chocolate chai latte

Introducing Chocolate Chai Latte!

It’s been a long time coming…and it’s finally here. Today we’re incredibly excited to announce that we are launching our ...
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chai frappuccino

Recipe: Vanilla Chai Frappuccino (Frappuchai)

One thing I have always loved about Starbucks (sorry cofficionados!) is their frappuccinos. On a hot day the creamy frozen ...
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powdered chai latte

Why powdered chai latte is the new instant coffee

Confession: I was soo nervous about writing this post. It’s not in my nature to be ‘mean’ about other people ...
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Vanilla Chai White Choc Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are my go-to for everything. Lazy Sunday? Choc chip cookies. Romantic night in? Chop chip cookies. Break ...
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chai doughnuts

Chocolate Chai Marbled ‘Doughnuts’

Who does’t love DOUGHNUTS?! I have to say I thought they’d be a thing of the past when I realised ...
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chai banana bread

Chai Banana Bread

I always pop a little cinnamon and ginger in my banana bread – so I thought I’d take it a ...
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persian love cake

Recipe: Chai-Spiced Persian Love Cake

Once upon a time a beautiful woman fell in love with a handsome Persian prince. She knew that as she ...
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Why sugar free chai?

Lots of syrup and powdered chai products already incorporate an amount of sugar or sweetener for convenience – and traditional ...
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where chai latte from

Where is chai latte from?

Have you ever wondered where chai latte is from, and how it came to be? Delve into the colourful and ...
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Why healthy chai?

I believe that all successful brands are driven by a very personal passion – so I’ll start this blog with ...
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best chai

Which chai tea is the best?

Well…this is awkward. Of course when we’re asked this question the answer’s pretty simple for us – we love our ...
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loose leaf chai

Why loose leaf chai?

Okay, okay…we know we’re biased. But only because we truly believe that chai is best enjoyed when it’s loose leaf, ...
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healthy chai

Are chai lattes healthy?

These days it feels as though whenever we read a magazine or scroll through Instagram we’re faced with an onslaught ...
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What types of milk are best for chai latte?

Whether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant or just plain curious, there are now lots of delicious alternatives to cow’s milk on the ...
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