Our Story 

Hello – I’m Rose, also known as the ‘chai lady’ in certain circles! I own Aura Chai and develop each authentic recipe myself here at Aura Chai HQ.

I first tasted chai latte when I was living in Aussie foodie capital Melbourne, where coffee shop culture is everything. Each café bar sold fresh, often homemade chai lattes and I came to love them. When I moved back to Manchester I naturally started to crave my weekly cup of warming, comforting, spicy chai – especially during winter months and on rainy days! But I found that few coffee shops here in the UK sold chai latte – and when they did, it was made with sugary powder or syrup, even in the most upmarket establishments. I was so disappointed and sorely missed ‘proper’ chai lattes. I wanted a wholesome, healthy, tasty alternative, and I knew I wouldn’t be the only one. Sure enough, when I asked other chai lovers what they thought of the choice available, they were equally not so enamoured with the powdered and syrupy options on offer.

Six months after moving back to Manchester I decided to try and develop my own recipe so that I could have a ‘proper’ chai latte at home – and approach local coffee houses to share it with them, too. After a few attempts and lots of tasting sessions (most necessary, some just for fun!) we created and perfected our unique, top secret blend – and set out to share it with some of our favourite establishments in and around Manchester.

Manchester’s Northern Quarter reminds me so much of Melbourne. Eating healthily is incredibly important to me – and so many others are now looking for wholesome, nutritious tasty treats with added benefits. As more artisan coffee shops pop up offering gluten free, raw, refined sugar free and vegan options I felt the time was right to introduce Aura Chai. We think it’s one of the tastiest chai blends available – and we hope you do, too!

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Recently we have expanded our repertoire to include Chocolate Chai Latte and our beautiful Rose Latte Elixir. A caffeine-free version and two other unique blends are on the way very soon!

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about aura chai


Why are we different?

Aura Chai is a top secret, unique whole spice recipe lovingly blended by hand using the finest ingredients, carefully sourced from organic and fair-trade suppliers. It is an authentic, truly delicious chai recipe – full of flavour and packed with health benefits. It’s also incredibly cost-effective compared with syrups and powders and easy to make up and serve.


Healthy, tasty, wholesome 🍏
Better customer experience 😊
Locally made with love and organic, fair-trade ingredients 💕
Cost-effective 💸
Easy to use 💡
A long, satisfying drink ☕
Instagrammable – markets itself ✨
Versatile – can be mixed with coffee or ice 👅
Whole chai, pure spices, full flavour 👑

When you invest in high grade, delicious, quality coffee – why wouldn’t you have a chai to match?

Gluten free, sugar free, vegan.


Fairtrade ‘mamri’ loose leaf black tea – Authentic Indian tea commonly used for the tastiest chai. Also known as ‘little grain’, this tea has a strong, rich flavour all of its own.

Ginger – Fiery ginger adds a spicy kick and subtle heat.

Whole crushed cardamom pods – Cardamom forms the base for chai, fragrant and delicate.

Cinnamon – Warming cinnamon is one of my favourite spices. Stimulates circulation and adds gentle sweetness.

Whole crushed cloves – Aromatic cloves are carefully crushed to release their exotic, spicy flavour.

Powdered nutmeg – Just a touch of nutmeg for added zing.

Whole black and pink peppercorns – Hot, peppery and perfect pick-me-ups for winter days.

Fennel seeds – Dry fried first to release their flavour, fennel seeds add a hint of licorice flavour and aid digestion.

Star anise – A strong spice with delicate sweetness – vibrant star anise brings a subtle aromatic flavour to our chai blend.

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