About Aura Chai

Our Story

We first tasted chai latte when we were living in Aussie foodie capital Melbourne, where coffee shop culture is everything. Each café bar sold fresh, often homemade chai lattes and I came to love them. When we moved back to Manchester we naturally started to crave my weekly cup of warming, comforting, spicy chai – especially during winter months and on rainy days! But we found that few coffee shops here in the UK sold chai latte – and when they did, it was made with sugary powder or syrup, even in the most upmarket establishments. We were so disappointed and sorely missed ‘proper’ chai lattes. I wanted a wholesome, healthy, tasty alternative, and we knew we wouldn’t be the only ones. Sure enough, when we asked other chai lovers what they thought of the choice available, they felt exactly the same way.

Six months after moving back to Manchester we decided to try and develop our own recipe so that we could have a ‘proper’ chai latte at home – and share it with other chai lovers, too. After a few attempts and lots of tasting sessions (most necessary, some just for fun!) we created and perfected our unique, top secret blend – and set out to share it with some of our favourite establishments in and around Manchester.

Authenticity is so important to us – we wanted to bring chai latte right back to its roots and offer proper tasty chai to enjoy at home and for discerning coffee shops to serve to customers.  We think it’s one of the tastiest chai blends available – and we hope you do, too!

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Phone: +44 7966 941336
Email: helloaurachai@gmail.com

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Why are we different?

Our original Ayurvedic blends are made with whole spices, lovingly blended by hand using the finest ingredients, carefully sourced from organic and fair-trade suppliers. It is an authentic, truly delicious chai recipe – full of flavour to uplift and refresh the spirit.


Healthy, tasty, wholesome ?
Made with love and organic, fair-trade ingredients ?

Nourishing, feel-good treat

Sugar free, no preservatives or additives ✨
A long, satisfying drink ☕
Versatile – can be mixed with coffee or ice or made as teas ?
Whole chai, pure spices, full flavour ?

Vegan company, vegan values

We are proud to be a passionately vegan owned company. We ensure that our products are ethically and sustainably sourced and don’t cause harm to humans or the sentient souls we share this earth with. All Aura Chai products are 100% vegan and made in an environment where no animal products are present.

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Chai that doesn’t cost the earth…

We believe in doing things right and responsibly.

Recyclable packaging

Our bags are fully recyclable and printed with vegan, biodegradable ink. We also use recyclable paper boxes and jiffy bags packed with recycled paper and biodegradable corn starch puffs – not a single piece of plastic or bubblewrap in sight!

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Compostable, biodegradable blends

Green fingered chai lovers can lovingly nourish their plant babies with our gorgeous blends. Once you’ve enjoyed your brew simply pop on the compost heap or dig straight into soil. As our ingredients are 100% natural and chemical free, you can dispose of them in your green/garden recycling bin. .


More trees to hug = happy planet

We ♡ trees and know how important they are to keep our planet safe and healthy, so we offset our paper and cardboard requirements by planting trees to replace those used in the production process. So far we’ve planted over 30 trees and counting!


Carbon Offset Couriers

We are proud to use responsible, reputable couriers including Royal Mail and DPD to send our parcels and packages worldwide, cutting or offsetting their carbon emissions to reduce our impact on global warming. We ship worldwide!