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Rose Chai Latte Recipe

rose chai latte

This gorgeous recipe tastes as beautiful as it looks! Featuring soft, floral rose and delicate, fragrant spices. Perfect for Valentine’s Day (or any time you fancy impressing a loved one šŸ’•)

Why is this recipe so special?

This unique rose chai latte recipe features whole spice, loose leaf authentic chai latte and natural rose elixir for a fragrant, floral treat.

Rose water has been used for thousands of years as a tonic for beauty and health. It is particularly prevalent in the Middle East – a cherished resource renowned for its beautiful flavour and scent. We source our Rose Elixir from the mountains of Lebanon, where big, blousy blooms are carefully harvested before being distilled in traditional copper pans.

Rose beautifully complements the delicate spices and tea in our authentic chai latte blends. It’s also a perfect match for earthy, bitter cacao!

rose chai latteRose Chai Latte Recipe

You’ll need:

1/ Aura Chai Original or Cacao Blend.

2/ Sweetener of choice (we recommend organic Agave Syrup, Stevia or other natural sweetener).

3/ Rose water (preferably natural, unsweetened and high quality, like Aura Chai Rose Elixir).

4/ Milk (plant-based is best, soy, cashew, hemp coconut or oat, a creamy milk).


1/ First, brew the chai latte. Start by adding a tablespoon of Original or Cacao blend to a heavy-bottomed saucepan or milk pan. Then cover with a little hot water, just boiling.

2/ Add sweetener of choice and stir. Then top up with 200-250ml of milk of choice. How much you use depends on how milky or strong you like your chai!

3/ Stir again and turn to a medium heat. You want to simmer the chai gently for five to ten minutes until brewed. Try not to boil the chai, as this could cause the tea to become bitter.

4/ Once brewed, take the chai off the heat and leave for a minute or so to cool a little. Then strain and serve in your favourite cup or mug!

5/ Garnish with pretty rose petals and whipped coconut cream if desired.

Tip: If you like your chai even creamier you can add coconut cream powder and vegan collagen during brewing!