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Chai Latte Gifts for Mother’s Day

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If your mum is anything like our mums, she deserves the world and more every single day of the year! Mother’s Day is a special opportunity for us to say thank you to the most important woman in our lives, who has given us so much and asked for so little in return.

It can be difficult to find a meaningful and thoughtful gift – but often thinking about the things she loves to do, eat and drink can give us helpful hints on what to buy.

Whether your mum is an animal lover, tea enthusiast, seasoned yogi or fabulous foodie, we have a beautiful selection of handmade chai latte gifts she’ll love – all under £30.

TEA STRAINERPretty Leaf Tea Strainer


This gorgeous golden tea strainer might look pretty, but it also has a super special meaning behind it that your Mum will really appreciate. The leaf is modelled on the leaves of the Bodhi tree, which is the tree Buddha was sat under when he experienced enlightenment. Therefore the Bodhi leaf tea strainer is an opportunity and reminder to slow down and enjoy the moment. As you use it to enjoy your favourite tea, think about ten things you are grateful for!  Shop now

rose latteRose Elixir


Our Rose Elixir is beautifully fragrant and sweet. Sourced from Lebanon, it is naturally distilled in copper pans for its distinctive, full-bodied floral flavour. Pure and natural – no added sugar or flavourings.

We love it in green tea, matcha, coffee and chai latte – but you can use it as you would use rose water in desserts, cocktails and even champagne! This gorgeous, versatile elixir can also be used as a toner for face and hair. Shop now

chai gift setChai Latte Gift Set


If your Mum is a chai latte lover then this gift set was made for her! It includes everything she’ll need to make an authentic, delicious chai latte at home. Inside the organic linen tote you’ll find a special tea pot, fine mesh strainer and sample of chai blend of your choice. Shop now

chai varietyChai Latte Bundle


For chai latte fans and health-conscious Mums our Chai Latte Bundle is the perfect gift. It includes 150g of each of our unique blends – Original, Turmeric and Cacao. Both Turmeric Chai Latte and Cacao Chai Latte are caffeine-free, made with premium-grade organic Turmeric and raw organic Cacao. Shop now

Whatever her cup of tea may be, we’ve got a chai latte Mother’s Day gift to suit every taste ☕️

Shop Mother’s Day gifts she’ll love now!