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Recipe: Vanilla Chai Frappuccino (Frappuchai)

chai frappuccino

One thing I have always loved about Starbucks (sorry cofficionados!) is their frappuccinos. On a hot day the creamy frozen coffee totally hits the spot!

I love chai lattes and dirty chai lattes iced – so when the hot weather hit us I started thinking about creative ways to serve and enjoy Aura Chai.

This chai Frappuccino is totally delicious and mega healthy. It’s super quick, really easy and you only need several ingredients and a blender. Whip one up in no time as a morning treat or afternoon pick me up.


Coconut milk (the drinking kind)

Aura Chai chai latte blend

Sugar-free vanilla syrup (I like Monin). Caramel works well, too. You could always use coconut sugar or Sweet Freedom if you don’t fancy a flavouring!


Cinnamon (to serve)


1/ Make up around 200ml chai infusion using 1 heaped dessertspoon of Aura Chai and 200ml hot water. At this point add in your syrup or sweetener. Leave to infuse for a few minutes.

2/ Add ice and coco milk to your blender. Then pour in the infusion and blend till creamy!

3/ Top with coconut whipped cream and syrup or a simple dusting of cinnamon. This recipe serves two – multiply as appropriate for more.

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