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Chocolate Chai Marbled ‘Doughnuts’

chai doughnuts


Who does’t love DOUGHNUTS?! I have to say I thought they’d be a thing of the past when I realised I was gluten intolerant…but thankfully there are ways to make delicious little doughnuts without all the stomach-twisting refined wheat involved (and no deep fat fryer required!) These marbled chocolate chai beauties are a little bit of a faff to put together, I’m not gonna lie – but they are soooo worth it afterwards! This recipe isn’t vegan but could be easily adapted with egg replacer and vegan butter and chocolate subs.

Enjoy!! 🍩😋


For the chocolate bit:

50g butter (you could use vegan butter/margarine)

50 g chocolate (vegan works well too!)

2 eggs

50g coconut sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

17g buckwheat flour

15g almond flour

1 heaped tbsp raw cacao powder


For the chai bit:

64g butter

50g coconut sugar

1/2 tsp each – cinnamon, ground cardamom, ginger

1 egg

1 teaspoon vanilla

55g buckwheat flour

1 tsp gluten free baking flour

1tbsp milk or plant-based mylk


I used white chocolate, coconut and chopped hazelnuts to garnish – but you could whip up a batch of coconut cacao icing or a special drizzle all of your own!

You’ll also need a doughnut tray OR cupcake/Yorkshire pudding tin and strong kitchen foil.

Method – PART ONE

1/ Get two separate bowls out and preheat your oven to 180 degrees, 160 degrees fan.

2/ Grease a cupcake tin (see below!) and grab some tinfoil. Cut it into 6inx6in squares and roll/squeeze around your forefinger or little finger until you have a little finger-shaped piece of foil in the middle. Then bob it in the pan and press down into the bottom so you’re left with lots of little finger-shaped foil wells (I’m aware they look a little bit naughty!). You may need to trim the foil before pressing (I found it’s easier with more to work with than less). You get good at it after a while, I promise!! There’s a fab tutorial here which makes it a lot easier to follow.

3/ Once thats done, have a little rest (phew!) then start on the chocolate part of the marble cake batter. Add the eggs and beat together until well combined and fluffy.

4/ Melt the chocolate and butter together slowly and add with the vanilla extract. Fold into the mixture gently.

5/ Sprinkle the flours and cacao over and fold again to combine. Then set aside.



6/ It’s chai time! Beat your soft butter and coconut sugar together until creamy and well-mixed.

7/ Add your egg slowly and beat well. Add in the vanilla extract.

8/ Add your flour and chai spices. Introduce some milk to loosen the mix a little if necessary.

9/ You should now have two bowls – one caramel-coloured, one rich browncoloured. It’s time to marble!

10/ There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Just spoon alternately and swirl to make a pretty pattern. Don’t be afraid to fill them nice and full. I used a teaspoon for easy control. Add them one at a time – half choc, then half chai. the chai mix is slightly thicker so that helps when mixing them.

11/ Pop the doughnuts in the oven and check after 15-20 mins. They should be done after this time – they’ll be risen and slightly golden on top. You’ll have some mix left over – I eat it straight out of the bowl 🙈 – but you can pop it in a small cake tin and stick it in with the doughnuts! Who doesn’t like surplus cake??

12/ Take the cakes out of the oven and allow them to cool a little before gently peeling off the foil. If you can, try and prize them (very carefully!) from the tin before they are fully cool, then wait to take the middles out when they aren’t too hot to handle. As you can see, some of mine turned out better than others! It’s all about the taste after all 😌

13/ Serve with chai latte or coffee – iced if the sun is shining! 🌞



Make sure the butter is nice and soft