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Why sugar free chai?

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sugarLots of syrup and powdered chai products already incorporate an amount of sugar or sweetener for convenience – and traditional ‘wet chai’ is blended with honey or a vegan alternative like agave, carob or maple. As someone who avoids sugar and sweetener as much as possible for health reasons I was keen to introduce a more versatile, flexible chai blend for anyone like me who needs or to enjoy their drinks with a choice to have them with or without sugar – and to decide which kind of sweetener they add. But ‘a little sweetness really brings out the flavours of the individual spices in chai’ – as my boyfriend so beautifully put it 🤓 Want to learn more about why Aura Chai is sugar and sweetener free? Read on!

Chai can be ‘too sweet’

When my boyfriend said ‘a little sweetness’ he hit the nail on the head. It really is possible to over sweeten chai and completely smother all the beautiful bold spicy flavours that make it such an enjoyable and flavoursome drink. The delicate boost sugar brings to the spices in a chai blend is perhaps part of the reason why most ready-made chai blends feature sweetness of some sort – but I always found myself disappointed when I headed into a café only to discover that the chai was over-sweetened – whether it was loose leaf or powdered.

A versatile chai mix you can sweeten to taste

Taste is subjective – which is a beautiful thing. But it’s not so great when your tastes are slightly different to what’s considered ‘the norm’. Don’t get me wrong – I have a terrible sweet tooth (this is the girl that can’t get through the day without cake or chocolate 🐵) – but because I’m accustomed to healthy treats, I find the taste of refined sugar far too sickly and not at all enjoyable. Even large amounts of honey, coconut sugar or agave are too much – and often pre-mixed drinks and processed products are far too sweet for me. I know I’m not alone in this – so it was important to me not to pre-sweeten my chai to cater to all different tastes. It’s incredibly difficult to sweeten chai to suit all preferences – and to balance the flavours of the spices perfectly. That’s why less is more in our opinion! Watching your intake? Go au-naturel and enjoy Aura Chai without sweetener. Love life on the sweeter side? Go ahead and dump a few teaspoons in! Coffee can be sweetened to taste, something that’s important to the baristas and coffee buffs of the world (who probably cringe faced with powdered, sweetened espresso mix!) – so why should chai be any different?

Great if you’re watching your sugar intake or want to choose your sugar

As a nation we’re becoming more health conscious – and the recent bad press sugar has received has given rise to more and more brands that offer refined sugar free, reduced sugar or even completely sugar-free alternatives. I’ve been sugar free for six years since I was diagnosed with IBS, so I know the struggle all too well for anyone avoiding the stuff for personal or health reasons. It’s everywhere! Chai became my go-to because I couldn’t always handle the high caffeine content of coffee, but wanted a warming, comforting drink. It’s great to know that I can have a healthy, wholesome chai without the sugar added as standard.

Diabetic friendly

Both my grandparents on one side were diabetic – so I know how hard it is for diabetics to find treats they can enjoy when eating out. Lots of trendy ‘health drinks’ include quite a significant amount of sugar (even ‘nutritious’, raw alternatives like coconut sugar and agave metabolise similarly in the body) – and a lot of the more radical formulas do need it to make the taste more palatable. Fortunately chai doesn’t have to be one of them! It’s delicious on its own or with a minimal amount of sugar or sweetener added – and because it is brewed with milk the milk itself provides some natural sweetness.

How do you like your chai? Share with us!

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